Blue Border

seeks blue ocean business

beyond border.

Blue Border

Blue Border has business partnerships with emerging countries and high technologyinvestment, etc.

We do blue ocean business, without competitors without borders.

In partnership with the presidential level of the International Junior Chamber ( JCI )  andRotary club members,

we develop our business especially in countries where thepopulation is increasing.


We support entrepreneurship and business building of Japan's top researchers, with the investment since the initial stage.

Overseas Business Development

We act as a negotiator and partner for overseas business development for Japanese

SME having various products and possibilities.

We introduce reliable business partners in developing countries increasing population and

build a sustainable business flow together.

Oversees Investment Advice

We offer investment opportunities for assets in population-increasing countries (Nigeria,

India, Philippines, USA), where total demand is expanding .

VC, Hight technology investment 

We select a new technology having business value from researchers who have sufficient

academic records, and invest them with a comparative advantage through supporting their



Substantial Japan for the next generation

The technology of SME and the cutting-edge academia are insufficiently utilized yet. We provide emerging market demand, rational business schemes, and capital access to them, Our responsibility is to keep substantial Japan to next generation.



3-2-4 Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line / Asakusa Line

(Exit A5 / A6) 1 minute walk from Ningyocho Station